Frequently Asked Questions


  • How is our Alkaline water made?

Here we try to do alkaline water the most natural way possible. In nature, water flows down mountain streams and picks up alkaline minerals from rocks in the stream. Water systems that create naturally alkaline water work the same way. Our water goes through an Alkaline filtration system that raises the PH level leaving behind minerals in the process. We do not add any chemicals in our water.

The minerals are Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium.

  • Who Should drink Alkaline water?

Anyone who eats meat, processed food or drinks alcohol. Those items  cause the body to become acidic and drinking Alkaline water will help balance out the acidity. Also we recommend it to people that do not eat enough vegetables since they are alkaline. 


  • Are there any side effects?

For people who have never drank alkaline before you may notice going to the restroom more frequently. This is usually a sign of your body flushing out the system. This will go away after 1-2 weeks after the body has adjusted to it.

  • Is our water ionized?

No our water is not ionized. Ionized water usually only last up to 2 hours before going back to normal.

  • How long does Alkaline Water stay Alkaline?

This answer will very depending on how the water is stored and used. If the bottle has a tight lid on it then the water can last up to 4 weeks. If you are putting the bottle on a cooler or some kind of dispenser then we recommend you drink it in 2 weeks or less. Think of it like a soda bottle the more air that gets to it the quicker it will be flat, but instead of a couple of days before going flat, the ph will go flat in a couple of weeks.

  • Does the PH go down?

Yes the PH goes down. With a tight lid and being untouched the PH will go down roughly about .3 a week.

Example: The customer has purchased Alkaline water at a PH of 9.5 after 1 week untouched it should be roughly around 9.2 and the week after 8.9 PH and so on.

  • Can kids drink Alkaline water?

Yes kids can drink Alkaline Water. We do not recommend Alkaline water for kids under 4. Also dogs and cats can drink alkaline water too.

  • Can you drink Alkaline water daily?

Yes you can drink Alkaline water just like you can with regular water.

  • Is it Ok to drink Alkaline Water with medication?

No we do not recommend drinking alkaline water with the medication because the alkaline water will delay the effects of the medicine due to less acids in the body.