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Anasazi Mineral Alkaline Drop Concentrate

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Anasazi Mineral Concentrate 40 Serving  - 2 oz. Dropper           

71 Trace Minerals - Organic - Plant Based Humic Fulvic Minerals will make our water more ALKALINE!

Naturally Infused Native Nutrients raise the pH and add important minerals to your drinking water. See in store brochures for more information.

Anasazi Humic and Fulvic Mineral Complex are a creation of Mother Earth and are a naturally energized

Humic and Fulvic Mineral Water Complex which offers a rich source of Organic Humic and Fulvic Acids, Ionic Plant Derived Minerals and Amino Acids from ancient prehistoric plant sources.

These nutrients are pH friendly (ALKALIZING) for perfect cellular bio-availability and health. In the East Fulvic Acid has been called the 'Miracle Molecule' for its healing properties, cellular Rejuvination and restoring lost  youthfulness and Energy.