"Your friendly neighborhood drinking water store - indoors"

We will give you FREE WATER - - UP TO 10 GALLONS FILLED
YOUR FIRST VISIT in our store!  B.Y.O.B.  Yes we accept competitor bottles :)              

Regular Hours:         
OPEN  9-7 Monday - Friday     9-6 This Saturday - Sunday 
Open most holidays.  Please contact our store for more details:  

The Water Lady Water Store

is located in North Park - just East of Texas Street (1 block) We are in between Arizona and Arnold with street parking in 
front and on the side of Arnold Street

2527 1/2 University Avenue

San Diego, CA 92104



The Water Lady Water Filtration Process:

We have an 10-stage, "state-of-the-art" filtration system, monitored daily by our highly trained staff.  Our filtration system is approved, certified and monitored by the State of California Public Health Department.  Lab test results are posted in detail to show our water is free of any contaminants.  There are no additives, preservatives or dyes. . . just great tasting purified drinking water that's refreshing and only costs a fraction of what they charge elsewhere.   

We take water from the City of San Diego and filter it through our filtration system. To ensure customers the best quality drinking water, we use reverse osmosis, ozonation, carbon filtration, ultra-violet lighting and more.  As a result you will notice the great taste and not to mention the most important part - - that it's free of all contaminants to name a few; bacteria, mold, viruses, chlorine, fluoride, radiation, prescription drugs, MTBE, arsenic, lead and many other volatile chemicals  all of which you and your loved ones, including your pets, should not have to ingest. 

ottle rinser on site to freshen your bottle before

We now provide an ozone before filling at no extra charge!

Water Test RESULTS  
(located on the wall in our store - to the right as you walk in the door)
Question of the day -  Is your water alkaline?

Our Water Lady Water's pH = 7.3 (neutral) 

Affordable Water Prices and Discounts
Bring in your own bottles and try our water for free your first visit (fill up to 10 of your own gallons of water for free/1st time customers only please).  See our FREE WATER COUPON or mention you're new to our store when you come in to visit!  Check out our discounted water prices on our  Pre-Pay Plan - earn BONUS water also!  Yes, we accept competitor bottles!